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All t-recs employees are passionate gamers.
That’s why we also understand the “idea” behind each game and how to immerse ourselves in its specific world.

Through regular contact with game developers and by frequently 
managing translation and audio projects in the game localization field,
we know the importance of ensuring that the
specific style and atmosphere unique to a game runs right through it.

We manage updates and marketing texts for a range of game classics, such as Grepolis and Shakes & Fidget, and are therefore continually required to prove our skills at producing consistent texts over long periods of time.

Clients particularly benefit from having t-recs handle updates, marketing texts and newsletters. Corporate wording, a consistent language style, and the diligent updating of game glossaries results in worlds and characters that make the fiction even more authentic.

We handle all of the organization and technical preparations for your voice recordings.

Experienced audio engineers, professional voice artists, and specialist directors ensure efficient workflows.In contrast to the linear narratives of films, games unfold interactively.

Contexts change quickly and often demand voices to adapt similarly: a feat that the voice artist must also be able to perform across several roles.

Our directors recognize these demands and ensure the optimal results during recording.

We breathe life into your games, help create storylines, contribute to your ideas or implement your specifications with stylistic assurance
in both text and audio form.

 From weapon descriptions to non-linear dialog, from the right timbre of voice for a wide range of characters to creating effects, we produce content for you that organically integrates into your game world.

Contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.