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Localization excellence.

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What do we offer?

Localization excellence. Our experienced team, matched with the right technology: t-recs studios.

Full service from A to Z. Our services in translations, audio and Script Services are guaranteed to satisfy each and every customer: you'll be impressed from the start.

Added value in more ways than one:


Outstanding quality with shorter production times

Tight schedules or sudden deadline pressure?

The technology at t-recs studios is state-of-the-art. We have the memoQ server advantage: We can assign several translators to your production, even for the same target language.

This ensures reduced production time while still allowing the realization of your product with the highest standards.

Perfect work processes through creative quality

We treat each project individually, catering to its own characteristics.

Our network of experts collaborate to provide the highest level of creative quality, offering consistent results reliably and on time. There will always be someone on hand to respond to last-minute changes and unforeseen difficulties.

The internal project manager assigned to you will be familiar with all work processes and will coordinate tasks with an eye to every detail.

Hard to believe? Then why don't you give us a try?

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Company // Team

Friedrich Klemme

Friedrich Klemme


The qualified sound and video engineer Friedrich Klemme followed his interests at an early stage and has been working in media production since 1998. After completing his degree at the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences/RSH Düsseldorf, he used his profound and specialized know-how to establish himself in the localization sector. At t-recs studios, Friedrich Klemme is the expert for the implementation of audio productions.

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Company // Location

t-recs studios GmbH Düsseldorf

Hildebrandtstrasse 3

40215 Düsseldorf



t-recs studios GmbH Hamburg Altona

Lobuschstraße 16

22765 Hamburg


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Services // Overview

Excellence demands quality in all services

The localization of games is our specialty.

In the three service areas Translations, Audio and Script Services we only utilize state-of-the-art technology and only with highly qualified, native-speaking translators, speakers, directors and game testers.

Image and promotional films, Internet appearances, Podcasts, E-books or E-learning are just a few examples.

Quality prevails:

Satisfied customers trust t-recs studios with challenging productions for further visual and auditory media. Image and promotional films, internet videos, podcasts, e-books and e-learning are just a few examples of other work we do.

International, high density network

Obviously we can't do everything ourselves. That's why we work with only the best in the industry when it comes to the production of your translations and voice recordings:

  • Translators
  • Editors
  • Speakers
  • Directors
  • Composers
  • Sound designers
  • Sound engineers
  • Game testers

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Services // Translation

Cultural adaptation into more than 30 languages

Excellent translation quality is provided by selected , experienced native speakers  with proven competence for precision that matches your target group.

International network:

We have specialized translators in more than 30 languages, with experience in games localization.

Technology from technology leaders

State-of-the-art translation tools are our most significant means of production, which is why we consistently work with memoQ, manufactured by one of the technology leaders, Kilgray Translation Technologies. This is not only a great tool for us, but also for our customers.

Inspect, examine, review.

We don't just check once but several times, and meticulously.

The native-speaking and specialized translator provides the first processed text.

A second draft, if necessary, which the equally experienced and - naturally - also native-speaking editor carefully examines and corrects.

But it doesn't end there:

The responsible project manager at t-recs studios reviews all texts for  consistency. Everything, to the smallest detail.

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  • Online and browser games
  • PC and console games
    (Xbox, Playstation, Wii, …)
  • Mobile games
  • Voice scripts
  • Marketing texts
  • Websites

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Services // Audio

2 Locations - identical quality

Searching for a reliable partner who can provide excellent recordings, editing and audio mixes, music productions and sound design?

With the highest standards for sound quality and perfect data handling?

Then the experts at t-recs studios are just what you are looking for:

VoxGrinder increases efficiency and ensures quality

VoxGrinder is our innovative recording system , developed right here at t-recs studios.

What this means for you:

Maximum efficiency and the highest quality assurance.

Professional voices in every tone

Which vocal range would you like? Older or younger, authoritative or provocative?

We have hundreds of professional speakers available through our reliable, international network.

We can help you find the perfect voice for your product.

Voice casting helps in jointly determining the best speaker with the desired expression and matching timbre.

Authentic EFIGS from a single source

We realize productions in German and English on-site at our two locations.

Committed to excellence:

We also provide recordings in other EFIGS languages from a single reliable source.

Our project manager controls and monitors the coordination and processing with international partners who are best suited for your requirements in the target language.

This means you can always achieve products with unadulterated authenticity and convincing credibility.

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  • Audio recordings
  • Direction
  • Post-production
  • Music production
  • Sound design
  • VoxGrinder

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Services // Script Services

Whether you need an overview of story flow or logic, legal, rating or cultural feedback, dialogue writing or re-editing, our international team of experienced game authors will offer their expert eye on any script or dialogue issue from concept stage through to end-localization. Total story immersion requires an authenticity which can be carefully crafted and manipulated by an experienced author. A script doctor takes an analytical approach to the material provided and responds with surgical precision to reach the desired effect.

Without proper attention to story or dialogue detail, the anticipated reception is often disappointing.

Script doctoring is a long established and highly respected field in the film industry, and is often seen as an essential element of the creative collaborative process. Our aim is to incorporate this same level of quality to the gaming industry by matching developers and publishers with the right script consultant to provide them with the best results for their needs.
Your script will be in good hands with t-recs studios, where full professionalism, careful attention and confidentiality are assured.

  • Comprehensive Design Documents
  • Thorough Plot Structure
  • In-depth Character Development
  • Believable & Compelling Dialogues
  • Prompt & Critical Feedback
  • QA Responsive
  • Studio Ready Results

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Excellence prevails. Here are few choice clients, that we have convinced:

49Games GmbH

Acony GmbH & Co. KG

Big Head Games Limited

BrainGame Development GmbH

City Interactive S.A.

dtp entertainment AG

dtp young entertainment GmbH & Co. KG

FISHLABS Entertainment GmbH

Globell B.V.

InnoGames GmbH

Playa Games GmbH

SCS Software

Twistbox Games

Viva Media

Wahoo studios, Inc.


XS Software

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Phone Düsseldorf:
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